We all experience various levels of stress throughout the day. As stressful situations occur – a difficult conversation, a conflict with another individual, a project deadline, an argument with a family member, the traffic in the morning’s commute – these experience build upon each other, can be toxic to your health and could negatively affect those around you. Taking a moment to quiet your mind and interrupt the pattern of stressful thoughts can reset your attitude, actions, and reactions. Our 90-second stress buster is a tool to help you combat the stresses of the day.

Click Here to practice the 90-second stress buster, graciously done by davidji as part of Blue Courage’s Guided Meditation.


Nobility of Policing Book
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This inspirational book takes a look into the lives of law enforcement professionals: the challenges, the nobility, and the contribution of America’s guardians. This book is about the profession of policing and the men and women who safeguard our freedoms. In doing so, they honor the Nobility of Policing.
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Blue Courage for Corrections/Detention Officers

Available in 2017

Blue Courage is excited to include our new course available in 2017, Blue Courage for Corrections/Detention Officers! For more information, Contact Us!