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Dhri = that which upholds
Crusade = a determined attempt to achieve a strong belief in a noble cause

September 13, 2019

Throughout our journey through India, our Dhri Crusade, have assigned a daily theme that our attention will be focused on enhancing, which are centered around the 7 chakras as described below.

What are Chakras? 

By davidji

The 5,000-year-old Indian healing system known as Ayurveda teaches that these seven, core energy centers are gateways connecting us to the physical world we live in and to the unknown world beyond us—powerful focal points for the reception and transmission of Shakti (creative) energy.

These seven junction points also house our relationships, our creativity, our dreams and desires, our ability to receive and give love, our voice, our choices, our purpose, our connection to self, and our connection to source. Starting at the base of the spine in the root chakra rising up to the crown of the head.

It can be said that chakras are junction points between physiology and consciousness.

Within our physical body, these seven sacred spaces are also the largest concentration of our blood vessels, nerve endings, hormonal surges, electrical wiring, immune functions, digestion of food, experiences, and emotions, and the vital energy that fuels our breathing, tickles our brain and beats our heart.

The divine convergence that occurs in each of these seven access points has the power to effortlessly balance, heal, and transform you in every aspect of your life—manifesting your simple desires and fulfilling your most ambitious dreams. The capacity of these personal vortexes is limited only by your own beliefs.

When our chakras are open and vibrant we are abundantly rich in the vital life force, known in Sanskrit as “prana.” We feel grounded, inspired, energized, loving, kind, grateful, intuitive, and connected to source. When energy becomes stagnant in one or more of these vortex wheels, we are prone to experience emotional congestion fueled by fear, limiting beliefs, and lack of self-love – thus opening ourselves to emotional, physical, and spiritual pain.

Opening our chakras make us energized, and awakened chakras promote emotional and spiritual growth. We experience “free flowing” energy and information that moves in alignment within the natural rhythms of our bodies and the universal rhythms of nature.

When we are making healthier, more conscious choices, we exist in a state of grounded energetic alignment with the universe. Awakening our chakra energies is a powerful wisdom tool for us to move closer to our most divine self – our best version.

Since our chakras are expressions of the various levels of our consciousness – from groundedness to creativity to following through to loving more to speaking our voice to making more conscious choices to connecting with source – we can open them and flow through the world with greater grace, greater ease & deeper fulfillment. We can connect more powerfully to our most genuine self – awaken more nourishing relationships, shift out of constrictions, and move beyond blockages as we truly manifest our dream life.