In these trying times of uncertainty and constant change, remember to just breathe! Everyone is going through challenges and we need to take a step back to practice Sawa Bona. Take this opportunity to spend time with the people that matter to you. Watch the video below and let is serve as a reminder to us all.

The Spirit of Ubuntu

If we were in the Northern Natal of South Africa, instead of greeting each other by saying “hello” or “good morning,” we would greet each other by saying “sawa bona.” Sawa bona is the English equivalent of saying hello but it translates into, “I see you.” You would respond by saying, “sikhona.” Sikhona translates to, “I am here.” Essentially, until you see me, I am not here. When you see me, that is when you bring me into existence. Until you bring me into existence, I am invisible! There are far too many people around us who feel invisible day in and day out. Imagine the impact we can make on anther human being by simply acknowledging their existence. Especially right now.

We are in this existence together. We are ALL dealing with the affects of COVID-19, directly or indirectly, and we have a responsibility to each other – to take care of one another. Ubuntu is about respect, human dignity, and compassion for others. 

We should never allow people to be invisible! So take a deep breath and know that you are not alone!

To learn more about Sawa Bona (“I See You”), watch Chisa’s video on Sawa Bona at

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