September 3, 2018

Below is a lesson from Forbes on burn-out busting tips to reduce anxiety and stress, as well as our key learning.

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5 Burn-Out Busting Tips To Reduce Anxiety And Stress

By NJ Goldston

AUGUST 14, 2018

Stress levels have spiked sharply in the past year. If you’re feeling anxious, you’re not alone. The result of an onslaught of social media along with worries over financial stability, political issues, and health concerns, we are all living in an unprecedented era of never-ending multi-tasking and social interaction. It can often feel like a suffocating stranglehold.

According to new findings and research from the American Psychiatric Association (APA) millennials are currently the most anxious generation in decades followed by Boomers and Generation Zers. The survey also revealed women were more anxious than men.

Dr. Deepika Chopra, Optimism Doctor, who researches and helps clients and corporations around the world to increase their personal ‘Optimism Factor’ described it best explaining, “Our modern society is constantly swiping left and right between way too many open tabs on our smart phones and our minds switching between so many different kinds of screens all day without even being conscious of it. We compulsively check numerous social media accounts and our fingers move so fast typing away sending off words and emojis faster than we can even figure out what we are intending to say. It’s no wonder the millennial generation, who is the most tech savvy, is also the most anxious in human history.”

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Key Learnings:

  • 86% of millennials are having some sort of quarter life crisis and the vast majority of twenty to thirty year olds believe they are not successfully living a satisfactory life
  • Five burn-out busting tips
  1. Belly Breath For 1 Minute. Learning to belly breathe (breathing into your lower body) stimulates your vagus nerve, helping you move out of the fight and flight system into the rest and relax system, takes advantage of biofeedback and starts using your body to fire signals to your mind that you’re safe and can handle this, and is something you can do anywhere, anytime.
  2. Journal Your Thoughts. When we feel stressed and anxious, the emotional part of the mind is usually in overdrive. Our monkey mind is chattering all sorts of nonsense and we feel overwhelmed and out of control. Journaling your thoughts starts activating your pre-frontal cortex (the CEO like part of the brain… rational thinking) and in doing so, this helps to calm the amygdala (emotional centre).
  3. Write A Gratitude Diary. Writing a gratitude diary helps shift the perspective from exhausted, useless, fearful, worried, stressed etc. and not only have studies found gratitude effects the production of happy hormones, it helps you to practice and develop a positive mindset too.
  4. Think About How You Can Help Someone Else. This tip helps you focus on things outside your own sphere. When we’re stressed, anxious and burnt out, it’s very easy to think about ourselves because we’re struggling.
  5. Exercise. The body NEEDS to move when you’re feeling anxious, stressed or burnt out. Exercise or even light walking especially in the morning or as an important office break helps stimulate endorphins and feel good hormones.You find a better headspace and it’s a surefire stress buster.


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