January 28, 2019

Below is a lesson from TED Ideas on 3 steps to leaving a bad day behind when going home, as well as our key learning.

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Never take a bad work day home again, using these 3 steps

by Mary Halton

January 7, 2019

What are you carrying home from work with you? We don’t mean the tangible, practical items — the empty sandwich container or the folders of papers to look over — but the invisible stuff that can weigh us down — that critical comment made by a coworker, the disappointing numbers in the weekly report, the important meeting that keeps getting rescheduled. Do you ever wish there was a “delete” or “pause” button you could push to stop your brain from whirring?

Australian performance consultant Adam Fraser hasn’t invented a pause button, but he has come up with a trick to help people stop bringing home their bad days: Create a “third space” that gives you the mental room to transition from work life to home life.

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Key Learnings:

  • A trick to help people stop brining home their bad days: Create a “third space” that gives you the mental room to transition from work life to home life.
  • Third space – doesn’t need to be a physical area. It’s taking time to power down from the day and decide how you’d like to show up at home. Examples of the third space: the drive home, the ferry ride, the bus ride, walking the dog, going to the gym.
  • Even if you live on your own, the transition home determines whether you unwind, relax and socialize or obsess and worry about the day.
  • 3 steps to set yourself up for a restorative evening:
    • Reflect on your day. What went well? What did I achieve? What might I do better tomorrow?
    • Rest by doing something that makes you present. Ex: meditating, doing sudoku exercising, taking a shower, changing your clothes.
    • Reset by asking yourself: “How do I want to show up at home?” Be purposeful as you step into your personal life.
  • It’s not when you show up to your third space, it’s how you show up.

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