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Life-long learning is a choice and today’s technology provides numerous opportunities to learn in various environments and formats. The Blue Courage team offers individuals and organizations the option to learn from the comforts of their own homes or places of work. With a variety of session topics, our sessions can be customized to fit organizational needs.

Contact us to discuss how we can provide the knowledge, tools, and education to enhance your capacity to lead, serve, and collaborate in the ever-changing world around us.

Why Live Online Learning is Needed

More important than ever, even in times of challenge and chaos, providing ourselves and those we lead with the tools and knowledge to enrich our lives, build our resilience, strengthen our health and well-being, increase our mindfulness, amplify our positivity and happiness, communicate and build stronger relationships ultimately impact our environment, productivity, and accountability — shifting the organizational culture. As Tom Peters once said, “If you want to maximize productivity, the way to do that is not to focus on productivity, but to focus on making people feel cared for.”

As leaders, what we do now will determine what we are remembered for — our legacy. Each day is an opportunity to be better whether we are at home or at work. This moment is the moment we find ourselves in – it doesn’t matter how we got here, whose fault it is, what is going to happen. The leadership challenge is to meet the current moment, to be bigger than it and NOT let the moment overwhelm us.

By consistently feeding our mind and our heart, we are accomplishing the continual hard work necessary to close the gap between who we’re CAPABLE of being in any given moment and who we’re actually being. | (630) 449-0958

San Francisco Police Department’s Leadership Development Institute

Sample Session with Michael Nila, Daniel Schmer, and Jack Hart

Chicago Police Department

Sample Session with Michael Nila and Jack Hart

NPR Article on Chicago Police Department’s Virtual Online Learning:

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